• We pride ourselves on providing the best quality, kiwi-made steel carports that can stand up to any conditions.

    Our kit set carports can be customised to suit any requirement from a straightforward double carport to more technical carports for large farm vehicles, or even providing a safe spot to shelter your prized boat or campervan.

    Our sleek styles will complement any environment, and you will personalise your carport programs with a variety of bright colour, roofing and cladding options. Whatever your requirements are, they are had by us covered.

    We only use experienced and approved licenced builders and also have site safety processes set up on all projects.

    Customised steel building professionals were delivering quality, affordable structures, built and made for life.

    Bee’s Carports are passed on through the entire national country, so irrespective of where your home is you’ll get friendly assistance from individuals who understand your requirements, the local environment, climate Council and circumstances consent processes.